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Istvan Kasza was named Warrior of the Week March 7, 2013.


istvan kasza

OR7 Istvan Kasza, 444th Air Expeditionary Advisory Sqaudron, was named Warrior of the Week March 7, 2013.

Name: Istvan Kasza

Deployed Unit: 444th Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron / HDF Mi-17 Air Advisory Team (AAT)

Home Station: Szolnok, Hungary

Home Unit: HDF 86. Szolnok Helicopter Base

Mission Accomplishments:

Istvan followed the example of his father, who served as a maintenance officer of the Hungarian Air Force. He started his studies at the Hungarian Military Technical High School in 1999 and graduated in 2001 as an engine and airframe mechanic.

He received his first assignment as an engine and airframe technician at a Hungarian transport helicopter battalion and has been working with MI-17 helicopters ever since.

Istvan received this deployment to Afghanistan due to his proficiency of the Mi-17 helicopter and dedication. His responsibilities include assisting in the preflight inspection of the helicopters every day, the supervisor of the Afghan maintenance specialists work, broadening their knowledge and mentoring them.

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Légi Huszárok SzolNok

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The HDF 86th Szolnok Helicopter Base airport's ICAO code. The ICAO is an aviation organization of the United Nations.


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