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Here’s an amazing coincidence: Hungarian NATO pilots and their Afghan colleagues reunited unexpectedly after more than 20 years in Kabul, where human lives can depend on personal relations.

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Unguided missiles’ warheads were missing from the firing range near Táborfalva; the police started its proceeding against unknown perpetrator for violation with explosives – told by the Ministry of Defence and the local police on wednesday.

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The national exercise Logical Decision 2012 was ended on the 13th of september 2012 after two weeks of joint excercise. On the event’s VIP day was a spectacular skills presentation, it was officialy closed with the learned methods. The excersise was also seen by Brigadier General Albert Sáfár, Commander of the Hungarian Air Forces.

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After the official opening on the 4th of september 2012, the Logical Decision 2012 excersise on the 5th of september was started with the Hungarian, the Polish, the Mecadonia and the Slovakian staff joint formation flight on its first day.

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As we told in the past, members of the MH Pápa Airbase Aviation Company thought big time. Their plan is to restore the 109 tail number Mil-24 attack helicopter, which was in exhibition at the MH 87. Bakony Attack Helicopter Regiment’s command building. When the coprs was disbanded the helicopter came to Pápa for overhaul restoration, only for static presentations, since the helicopter already flew out its overall technical life.

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Légi Huszárok SzolNok

(Aerial Hussars of Szolnok)

or even:

The HDF 86th Szolnok Helicopter Base airport's ICAO code. The ICAO is an aviation organization of the United Nations.


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