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About the unit

The unit is assigned to the HDF Joint Force Command. Apart from short interruptions, from 1949 on the base had been the training centre for the aviation specialists in the Hungarian Defence Forces. There was a training wing that came to be assigned to the former aviation officer school and started operating an independent recce aviation wing from 1971 on.

In 1984, the HPA 89th Mixed airlift Wing was constituted on the basis of the helicopter and transport aircraft unit stationed in Szolnok. The HDF 86th Szolnok Helicopter Wing was formed in 2004 as the successor unit of the HDF 87th Bakony Attack Helicopter wing and the HDF 89th Szolnok Mixed Airlift Wing. This unit was converted to the HDF 86th Szolnok Helicopter Base on 1st of March in 2007. The helicopter base has to meet NATO standards, which is reflected in its organizational structure and the system of training.

Task system and purpose

The purpose of the unit includes providing air transport capability for air-portable troops deployed to manage domestic and international crisis situations, providing air cover for ground troops, CAS for their combat operations and carrying out SAR missions. This implies same further important tasks as follows:

  • Organizing training programs for pilots and aviation technicians
  • Discharging QRA duties
  • Providing air support for tactical airborne missions
  • Conducting military and economic airlift operations in Hungary and abroad
  • Contribution to relief and consequence management efforts after natural, industrial and environmental disasters

On top of the above the airmen of the unit are responsible for maintaining the Szolnok Aviation History Display site and upholding the traditions of military aviation.

Technical assets

The unit comprises a transport helicopter battalion (Mi-8 and Mi-17 medium transport helicopters), an attack helicopter battalion (MI-24D, MI-24V and MI-24P attack helicopters) and a training air squadron (JAK-52 trainer planes)

International engagement

The international relations of the unit are regulated by the defence minister’s executive decrees in force and the bilateral and multilateral cooperation plans of the MoD HDF Defence Staff. The framework of these relations consists in the combined training programs of the nominated personnel that are conducted together with troops from other nations, and their participation in combined exercises, SAR operations, displays and air shows both in Hungary and abroad. The above is complemented by the representatives from the aviation units of different nations and the meetings of experts at home and abroad, arranged with a view to sharing their professional expertise. The valuable lessons learned in international cooperation go to improve the professional and special language skills of the pilots, repairers and operations officers.

Until 2010 two mentor teams of the helicopter base are working in Afghanistan. The Mi-35 Air Mentor Team, and the Mi-17 Air Advisory team (this one started in 2011). Their tasks the education and training of the Afghan Air Force members, including airmen and aviation technicians.

Commander staff

The person responsible for information

Maj.Edit Balázsi

HDF 86th Szolnok Helicopter Base

Address: Zip code: 5008 Hungary, Szolnok, Szandaszőlős, Kilián út 1.
Postal address: Zip code: 5008 Hungary, Szolnok Pf. 5.


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Légi Huszárok SzolNok

(Aerial Hussars of Szolnok)

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The HDF 86th Szolnok Helicopter Base airport's ICAO code. The ICAO is an aviation organization of the United Nations.


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