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Istvan Kasza, 444th Air Expeditionary Advisory Sqaudron / HDF Mi-17 Air Advisory Team (AAT), was named Warrior of the Week March 7, 2013.

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On the 13th of december 2012, traditionaly the MH 86. Szolnok Helcopter Base “said goodbye” for the year with a final training flight. For the event, base captain Brigadier General Imre Lamos invited the Veteran Pilots and Parachuters Organization from Veszprém, since near that city the Mi-24 squadron was stationed and moved only to Szolnok in the year 2004.

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The MH 86. Szolnok Helicopter Base is commanding helicopter pilots and technical experts for
the second year now out to Afganistan for the Hungarian Army’s Air Training-Pro Group (Air Mento Team).

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Acreditation was given to the JTAC capability. The practical operation of the advanced flighcontrol
was shown at near Szolnok, by the corps of the Hungarian Army, in a complex task performance.

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As it is used to be time after time, the staff of the MH 86. Szolnok Air Base performs live firing as the year’s training plan.
It wasn’t different this year’s november, it was a really big large-scale day the previous week. Between 06-08 november 2012. was executed at the firing range of Táborfalva some 50 km from Budapest, was in the next line of the air-land live fring.

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Légi Huszárok SzolNok

(Aerial Hussars of Szolnok)

or even:

The HDF 86th Szolnok Helicopter Base airport's ICAO code. The ICAO is an aviation organization of the United Nations.


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